Go on a bike ride on volcanoes, swim with turtles or get free view of the stars. See the expert’s eight tips for the best nature experiences in Hawaii.

Would you like to take the car and drive up into the snow at 4,000 meters, snorkel with aquarium fish and turtles or sail out and see floating lava that is bursting in the Pacific Ocean?

Not many vacation destinations boast of being able to confront tourists with this dilemma, but so can Hawaii. The isolated archipelago offers such a diverse and almost sultry nature all in one place that it does not find its climate and nature equal.

“The main island of Hawai’i, also known as the Big Island, I believe, is one of the places in the world where you can experience all the world’s climate zones in quite a few square kilometers. There is snow and something near permafrost on the top of Mount Mauna Kea A few hours later you can snorkel on coral reefs and hike in tropical jungle. ”

Open 24 hours a day

Hawaii is also not limited to only being able to share its vast array of wildlife experiences to the roughly eight million visitors who visit Hawaii every year. As holiday destinations 7-11, Hawaii is open 24 hours a year, and you can just enjoy the scenery here and take home the memories – for free use forever.

Hawaii is favored by a stable temperature all year round, and without an actual season, the islands can be visited all year round. There are no storms, not much rain and tourists can bathe in the glorious warm currents around the islands. doesn’t find quite a lot of places in the world.

Hawaii is for everyone in many different price ranges, and the islands contain both luxury hotels and resorts, and it is also possible to fly there on your own and stay at Bed & Breakfast, rent a water taxi, rent a bicycle and sniff all the unique impressions that collectively give Hawaii.

1. Turtle spa at Kihei

With both dolphins, whales and colorful aquarium fish, there is an impressive wildlife beneath Hawaii’s ocean surface, but swimming with turtles is something special. The turtles are found all around Hawaii and something can be issued near the national turtle guarantee, but especially at the beaches south of Kihei on Maui, the animals are very easily accessible.

Close to the coast there is a place called Cleaning Station where the conditions for the turtles are optimal, as there are lots of fish that find food by cleaning the turtles’ shields. Then they lie down on the bottom and get a little spa treatment, after which they rise again.

An entire colony of turtles lives here, and you can be lucky enough to swim with up to 50 turtles. Many people like to swim with dolphins, which are a lot harder to get close to, while at Kihei you can enjoy the fascinating experience of swimming with the turtles in their natural element. The turtles can be experienced by boat, snorkeling or scuba diving, and the place is not touristy.

Also at Kona on the Big Island you can swim with turtles, just as the lucky ones here can also experience the large Mantaray rock, which can grow up to 7.5 m long.

2. Kaua’i in helicopter

The island of Kaua’i is very accessible, but therefore even more impressive for the few who are allowed to take it in full force. A fantastic view of the island is best obtained from the seat of a helicopter that floats you across the island with scenic scenarios such as Waimea Canyon, also called Hawaii’s Grand Canyon. The wild and spectacular nature has caused more than 70 films to be filmed here, including Jurassic Park, the new King Kong, Tropic Thunder and the fourth film about Pirates of the Caribbean.

Kaua’i’s thousands of waterfalls, some of which are usually inaccessible, also make a special impression from the air. Kaua’i also has the Napali coast, where rocks of up to 1,300 meters rise directly from the sea. You can’t drive around the whole island while flying by helicopter to gorges, cliffs and waterfalls, and such a trip costs around $ 1,000. dangerous than others.

It is recommended to book helicopter trips before departure to Hawaii.

Another great helicopter ride is to fly overnight at Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island. It is an amazing experience to see roaring volcanoes light up in the dark.

3. Honululus beautiful bay

Tourists often just see Honululu as a transfer point on the road, which is why the beauty of the city is much overlooked. The city’s location is unmatched, and although Honululu is a metropolis with high-rise buildings and noises, there is also a very relaxed atmosphere.

The bay, with Pearl Harbor lying at the entrance, is stunningly beautiful. Turquoise blue and a perfect place to learn to surf, and the jungle behind Honululu provides the city with impressive backdrop.

It is fascinating in itself that there can be a city with more than one million inhabitants in the middle of the Pacific. But being able to cycle out of town and snorkel on the famous Waikiki Beach in just 10 minutes, or hike to the extinct Diamond Head volcano with great views of Honululu and Waikiki is unique.

The town and the jungle behind are closest to each other, and it is possible to cycle mountain biking in the jungle in no time. So even though Honolulu has six-lane highways, you also have beautiful scenery just 10 minutes away.

4. By car in velvety valleys

Rent a car and drive the 109 kilometers with 54 bridges and 600 turns directly on the Pacific Coast. Hana Road on Maui is a unique drive through a peculiar nature on the winding road to the city of Hana, and the trip is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful roads in the world.

With the car tilting on the edge of Maui, you meander through the mountains of Maui, elegantly spiced with pineapple fields, beautiful orchids, waterfalls and the velvety green valleys that are one of the hallmarks of Maui. Here you can see for yourself why Maui is also called The Land That Time Forgot.

Hana Road has plenty of delicious spots for photo breaks and extra scenery.

If you want to experience as much of Hawaii as possible, you should rent a car. Not all the islands offer efficient public transport, so you will enjoy mountains, jungles and coasts, so car hire is a must.

5. Free view of the stars

The Mauna Kea Mountain on the Big Island is one of the few places in the world where you can ride right up into the clouds.

And although you can risk altitude sickness when you reach the peak at 4,205 meters, the view from the snow-covered summit and down through the clouds is all worth it. On the edge of the crater from the extinct volcano lies one of the world’s most used observatories, renting a car and driving to the top in the evening, you can look at stars from the observatory’s binoculars by taking on the so-called stargazing tours.

It is very popular to look at stars from Mauna Kea, and tourists and scientists from all over the world pilgrimage to the observatory, as Hawaii, as one of the world’s most isolated archipelagos, has no mainland light to bother the starry sky. That’s why you have the world’s best view of the universe, which is both educational and a wild experience.

In Hawaiian, Mauna Kea means “White Mountain”, and it is strange feeling to stand on top of snow and look down on the beach, jungle and coral reefs.

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